Worship Opportunities at FUMC

Front of Sanctuary on Good Friday
Front of sanctuary on Good Friday 2013


8:30 am (except in Summer), 11:00 am Sundays

We hold traditional worship services each Sunday at 8:30 (September-May) and 11:00 (year round) in the Sanctuary. These services include traditional hymns from The Methodist Hymnal, our Chancel Choir, a message each Sunday bringing the scriptures home to us in today's world and, of course, essential prayer. Experience the reverence of sacred, historical tradition along with the warm, welcoming friendship of a loving congregation. The 8:30 am service is not held in the summer in deference to our "River Church" which is held in the summer (see below). more...
This traditional worship service follows an order that many who grew up in the Methodist Church are accustomed to following along with the creeds, songs, prayers, communion and accoutrements of worship. But, you don't have to be an "old fogey" to like this style, just a preference for tradition. Note that the 11:00 service is the most traditional of the traditional -- in the 11:00 service you will hear a "special" every Sunday by our chancel choir. In the 9:30 service, the choir is not present though special music is usually heard through soloists or special groups.
Panoramic View of inside of sanctuary
Panoramic view inside sanctuary from left to right, Good Friday 2013
Contemporary Worship Service
Hydrate Service in progress with Elevate Praise Band on stage.


9:30 am Sundays

Through upbeat, live, contemporary music, multi-media presentations, and practical messages, our desire is to present the ageless truths of the Bible in a format that's easy to understand, even if you've never been to church. Every Sunday at Hydrate (our name for our contemporary worship service) is a celebration! From the minute you walk through the doors of the Activity Center, you experience something different. Rather than suits and ties, you’re more likely to see t-shirts and blue jeans. As you enter the worship room, you’ll sense a buzz of excitement with upbeat music in the background. Music in the Hydrate service is provided by our praise band, Elevate. Learn more about them from our music page. Join us this Sunday and experience the Living Water for yourself!
Contemporary Worship Service
River Church as congregants arrive in their boats.

River Church

8:30 am Sundays, Memorial Day through Labor Day Only

River Church is located at the Johnny Trobaugh Pavilion on Mitchell Lake each Sunday during the summer. People arrive by both boat and car to experience this unique, relaxed service. A message from God's holy word is presented each Sunday. At River Church, you'll find many individuals who give their time to help boaters get docked, pass out and take up hymn books, and help develop Christian fellowship and promote communication among the families that worship each Sunday. This service is a vehicle for uniting the people who own lake homes or vacation on Lake Mitchell into a Christian community. Come as you are for this service, shorts or swimsuits are accepted attire.
Contemporary Worship Service
Inside of San Juan Mission Building just prior to start of worship.


11:30 am Sundays

San Juan Mission is the name of our Hispanic worship service. Led by Pastor German Gomez, this service is reaching out to our Spanish speaking community. Pastor Gomez has spawned numerous other Christian leaders going forth to the Hispanic Community as well as returning to Mexico with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The San Juan Mission meets just about a block south from the Sanctuary of FUMC in the building on the Northeast corner of 2nd Avenue North and 8th Street North [campus diagram]
Diagram of Campus Building locations
. For detailed information about the San Juan Mission network of missions, please visit The San Juan Mission Website. The Clanton Advertiser wrote an article in 2010 about the history of the San Juan mission.

Since its' beginning in 1999, San Juan Mission has grown from seven members (including Gomez' wife, Leticia, and their three children) to more than 100. It has five sister missions located in Jemison, Wetumpka, Mobile, Montgomery and Cuitlahuac, Mexico. The mission in Jemison, Casa de Oracion or House of Praise, has grown to approximately 50 members."We evangelize door to door inviting people to our services," Gomez says. "The (Hispanic) pastors in this area are working together for the sake of our people."

In 2010, San Juan Mission moved from the Helen Parrish Activity Center to its third location in the former Jack Mims grocery store on Second Avenue North. Worship services are held twice a week there. Extensive renovations to the interior of the building were recently completed, as well as a new roof, making the San Juan Mission building a beautiful edifice of worship.

A banner on the front quotes the familiar scripture, Psalm 118:26: Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord. The name San Juan refers to St. John the Apostle. The worship services feature contemporary instruments and music with more Latin flavor, as put by Gomez. Services are held Sundays at 11:30 a.m. and Thursdays at 7 p.m.Visitors need not worry about a language barrier, as several Spanish-to-English translators are strategically placed throughout the congregation as needed.

We want this to be a multicultural church, Gomez says. Gomez said CFUMC has been supportive of the mission throughout the years and that the ministry could not be possible without their support.


Recorded Services

Available Anytime

Targeted specifically for our members and visitors who are unable to make it to the worship services, these recordings are available for listening from a computer over the internet. These recordings are of selected sessions of our worship services.

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